More advanced dance classes offer small group instruction with only professionals!

"I find it surprising that so many schools utilize 'student teachers'. It was only after a decade of dancing professionally that I felt qualified to begin instructing even the youngest students. Experience is crucial."

​- Jennifer Phillips, Director

Recitals, parades & more. We create magical experiences without busting your budgets.

"It was amazing to watch my daughter break out of her shell. She walked out of that theatre with her head held high. I have never seen her look so proud and beautiful. I will cherish this memory."

​- Westside Dance Parent


We offer Saturday Community Classes for only $15. Entry level classes for drop in students.

"I was shocked when (at another ballet school) I was asked to sign a year long contract for my 3 year old! Now at Westside Dance, we come almost every Saturday, but if we can't make it, I am guilt free!"

- Westside Dance Parent

Quality & Class Size

Performances& Events

Freedom & Flexibility

Summer Session has begun! 6/6-8/26

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