Spring Schedule January 2  - May 27, 2023 

INSPIRE - PreBallet
Creatively inspiring young dancers. 
Classes infused with fun and fantasy.
Preschool aged students.

PreBallet (ages 2-4.5) - Mondays 9-9:45am 
PreBallet (ages 2-4.5) - Mondays 10-10:45am 
PreBallet (ages 2-4.5) - Tuesdays 10-10:45am

PreBallet (ages 3-5) - Mondays 2:45-3:30pm
PreBallet (ages 3-5) - Mondays 3:45-4:30pm
PreBallet (ages 3-5) - Fridays 3:30-4:15pm
PreBallet (ages 3-5) - Saturdays 9-9:45am

Providing experiences for growth & connection.
Playful classes full of skill & strength building.
Kindergarten-Third grade.

Ballet I (ages 5-8) -  Wednesday 2:30-3:15pm

Ballet I (ages 5-8) -  Wednesday 3:30-4:15pm
Ballet I (ages 5-8) -  Thursday 2:30-3:15pm
Ballet I (ages 5-8) -  Saturdays 10-10:45am
Ballet I (ages 6-9) -  Monday 4:30-5:15pm

TRAIN - Ballet II
Professional coaching, increased discipline 
& commitment of 2 classes per week.

NEW Fun Friday (ages 6-10) - Friday 6:30-8pm *more info below
Ballet IIA  (ages 7-10) - Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:15pm

Ballet IIB  (ages 8-11) - Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-5:15pm
Ballet IIC (ages 10+) -  Wednesday & Friday 4:30-5:15pm

MASTER - Ballet III & Beyond
The pursuit of mastery brings joy & confidence!
Hardworking students build lifelong connections to dance & each other.

Ballet III (ages 11+) - Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:45pm 
Ballet IV (ages 13+) - Mon. & Wed 5:30-6:45pm & Fri. 5:30-6:15pm

Adaptive Dance (special needs) - Saturday 11-11:45am
Sponsored by the Grace Fisher Foundation

Drop-in Community Class (3-6) - Saturdays 9:30-10:15am
Come one, come all for outdoor PreBallet!
No commitment or prior registration.
Oak Park Stage, $15 cash preferred
*if class needs to be cancelled it will be posted on the homepage of the website Friday evening.

*NEW Fun Friday Perfect for kids wanting to dip there toe back into dance class or keep a toe in dance while juggling crazy weekday schedules!
Using games (like ballet position Simon Says), friendship building teamwork dances and current pop music, we stoke the dance spark in a friendly and fun environment. We can make learning ballet so much fun that it feels like a party! Eat dinner before class, small snack break at 7:30.
Wear ballet clothes (leotard, skirt, slippers) ANY COLOR!

Dancers enrolled in this class will have an opportunity to perform with us in the Nutcracker!